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Online teaching is tough and challenging — even more so when you are teaching a course that needs to be taught well and right.

All types of courses are redefined to be taught in an online platform and expected to be as effective as it is being taught in a classroom setting but finding the right platform to teach a complex course like programming is truly a challenge itself.

Programming courses require a lot of preparation and without proper preparation, teaching such a complex course will prove to be a difficult task. Now in a setup where courses are taken in online platforms, how do you find the right tool that does not only empower the students but you, the teaching force, as well?

Introducing CodeChum — an online platform for teaching introductory programming and supports programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Python and JavaScript.

With a growing community, CodeChum has gained the trust to deliver quality teaching and learning experience by some of the best universities and Science High schools across the Philippines.

You’d think “Okay, CodeChum sounds promising! But what’s the IT FACTOR?”

There are already a lot of online platforms offering services to teach different programming languages — for free or with subscription.

But what makes CodeChum different?

It’s true that there are already several reliable tools to teach programming, but can you take a step back and think about this: what can those online platforms offer for the teachers?

Right? I see you thinking about it already!

CodeChum offers multiple features that makes teaching not only easier but enjoyable for the teaching force.

How can CodeChum make your teaching experience better?

CodeChum, with its TEACHER-FRIENDLY experience, provides support to the teaching force in many ways.

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With its built-in lessons, CodeChum has introductory lessons for Java, C, and Python courses!

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Not only does it have built-in lessons, CodeChum has Problems Database and Exam Mode.

CodeChum has a collection of different problems based on different programming concepts with a specified difficulty level. This makes it easier for teachers to gauge what kind of quizzes they can give to their students and with CodeChum’s Exam Mode, teachers can create exams within the app. You don’t have to open anything else, Ma’am/Sir!

Facilitating exams without worrying about integrity? CodeChum has it!

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During Exam Mode, teachers are notified when students attempt to exit the exam screen. This will let the teacher know which students attempted and did not take their exams with integrity.

Automated Checking of Exams

Yes, we all know teachers find checking exams a tedious task but don’t worry, CodeChum got you covered. CodeChum has automated checking to lessen your burden and more time to work on that next discussion.

Delayed Grading

And in case you still need to check, there is delayed grading as well — a feature that allows you to review specific parts of your students’ code so you can add or deduct points as you see fit.

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Adding and uploading files in the system is possible in CodeChum — easily add other learning resources and materials within your class without any hassle.

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You can also easily export your students’ data for easier integration to other LMS like Blackboard.

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To monitor your students’ performance in class, CodeChum has Leaderboards and Weekly Statistics. You have the option to show the top performing students based on their score and time finished during quizzes and activities. It surely keeps the friendly competition and motivation in the class!

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And every week, CodeChum sends the class and student’s weekly statistics via email to give you an overview of your class’ current progress. This gives you an opportunity to provide necessary and effective feedback to guide your students.

All these CodeChum features empower the teaching force in their drive to provide quality learning experience and as simple as creating your Teacher account, creating and facilitating a class, and inviting your students, you’ve joined the CodeChum community.

“Okay, I’m interested! How do I avail CodeChum?”

CodeChum can be availed by teachers on their own with our CodeChum Solo Premium Plan for Teachers.

CodeChum Solo Premium Plan for Teachers is a premium subscription where you are billed Php 300.00 per month or if you want a way cheaper alternative, you can avail the yearly plan which is just PHP 2,400.00 (or Php 200.00 per month).

“That’s a good offer! But I want to try it first!”

Don’t worry, CodeChum offers a forever free plan. With this free plan, there is no limit on the number of students and classes you can have, no time limit, and no credit card required! On top of this, you can see and enjoy what CodeChum has to offer with its one (1) month Solo Premium trial period.

“This is great! I’d like to talk more about CodeChum!”

CodeChum, with the services it offers, has empowered a lot of teachers all over the country already. Education is an investment towards the future. With proper education, a lot of opportunities would come your way. As the teaching force, a student’s journey towards those opportunities starts with you.

With your efforts to deliver quality education in today’s education shift, investing in the right online tool will take your extra mile to the next level.

In CodeChum, the teaching force and their efforts to provide quality education is empowered more than ever in this shift to online learning.

Create your free trial Teacher account now at CodeChum and explore your way through!

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